Predictions from QuNu Labs for 2019

Sunil Gupta | 13 December 2018

Three Quantum Cryptography Predictions from QuNu Labs for 2019

Prediction #1

Current #cryptographic #algorithms such as RSA which enables public key encryption will be broken in next 12-18 months. World will see RSA keys (up to 1024 bits) broken by autumn of 2019 putting most of the data transactions under serious threat and making enterprises scramble for Quantum Safe Security solutions such as QKD (Quantum Key Distribution).

Prediction #2

Commercialization of QKD will accelerate in 2019 and Quasi Quantum (Hybrid) solutions will emerge and will lead the world’s transition to Quantum Safe Data Security. Hybrid solutions will address the distance and cost constraints of QKD solution thus paving way for faster adoption and commercialization.

Prediction #3

Some of the leading and large telecom service providers around the world will show interest and will initiate discussions with QKD companies to build Quantum Security Networks offering a fundamentally new way to create and securely send information between entities. This will pave way for a service model (subscription) for QKD solutions further accelerating adoption and commercialization of this tech.

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