Who we are

The Qu(quantum) Nu(light) Story


With the advent of large-scale data collection and storage, the misuse of data has become a paramount threat. In order to combat the dangers of data security, we at QuNu Labs Pvt. Ltd. aim to develop a range of revolutionary products to provide unconditionally secure communication networks. The products will be based on Quantum Key Distribution (‘QKD’), an emerging technology for implementing secure quantum cyber networks using cryptography techniques.

Founded in 2016 in Bangalore, QuNu Labs is the first quantum key distribution company in India. QuNu Labs has also partnered with Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras with the aim of developing a working QKD product that would be instrumental in securing sensitive data across various public platforms.

The system will provide for an unconditionally secure network over an optical link in excess of 40km, suitable for use in metro cities. These products will be used by government bodies, public/private enterprises, banks, military and institutes across the country that require secure data.

In the symmetric key crypto-systems, both the communication parties possess an identical secret key for encryption and decryption algorithms. In classical systems, the methodology for key exchange is not unconditionally secure, QKD, on the other-hand is based on the quantum mechanical impossibility of duplicating information (non-cloning) without alerting the transmitter and receiver. Also, the process of duplication alters the original data irrevocably. These two factors combine to provide absolute security of QKD protocols.